Does it fit? Does it work?

Want to ensure everything fits, the page says yes but it's also missing measurements so I'm not feeling reassured.

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    Virucidal Piranha

    • Ryzen 9 5900X
    • RTX 3060 Ti
    • 32 GB
    • 2 TB
    • mITX
    • 650 W

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No the cooler will not fit in that small case. The admins have said they are working on radiator size compatibility.

If you go to Inet and look at the specs they have pretty detailed information about cases which is helpful for small builds like this. The biggest radiator the case supports is 240mm.

I would also advice you to go for a different power supply. Since you are building in a small case, its way easier to build with a modular power supply. The case should fit a ATX supply, but you have much more margin if you go for SFX size like this one https://komponentkoll.se/produkt/138688-cooler-master-v750-sfx-gold-750w-psu

Good luck!


Thank you for your reply. Cooler - that's what I thought, thank you for the confirmation. SFX - very interesting I was wondering if the PSU had any other sizes than I'm used to, been on team laptop due to travels for over a decade.

Much appreciated.