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Trying to build a new gaming PC

Hi Guys, Just recently moved in from India and wanted to build a new gaming PC (sold my i7 12700k + rtx 3080 rog strix set up). Want to build a new tower with i7 13700k and RTX 4080. I welcome all suggestion. Main parts that i want are

  1. i7 13700k
  2. RTX 4080 Asus TUFF OC
  3. Lian Li O11 Dynamic case
  4. Planning to by a gigabyte M28U as well for my monitor (open to suggestion)

Rest all I am open to explore.


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Something like this?

Pick whatever fans you want, took arctic Liquid aio bec of the low pump sound. If you want Rgb and screens over pump sound you can more or less pick anything else or switch fans. Aorus Elite Z790 got Pcie5 m.2 support so rather future proof, went with a cheap Psu if you want to spend more then thats an option but its not like you get a lot out of it.

It's not worth it to spend a lot of money on ddr5 right now, i would wait till 7200 mhz cl 36 (with good timings) are standard before spending money. Went with a rather cheap hard drive wit decent speeds, if you want a bit faster then Kingston Fury Renegade or Kingston Kc300.

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    • RTX 4080
    • 32 GB
    • 1 TB
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    • 850 W

Hello. To get you your best pc i want to aske some questions. Firstly a budget is good to have. And second what will you do on the pc? What color are you interested in? Do you like rgb or not?